Owens Corning Showcases Forward-Looking Building Products at International Builders' Show

22 January, 2013

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Since 1938, Owens Corning has been a pioneering provider of customer solutions – helping to create a better tomorrow by enhancing the lives of homeowners today.  As the company celebrates seven and a half decades as a global leader in the building industry, it unveils its newest high-performance innovations at the 2013 International Builders' Show® (IBS) in Las Vegas.

Owens Corning continues to raise the bar for both builders and contractors with products that combine comfort and energy-efficiency with beauty and cutting-edge performance. Highlights at the Owens Corning IBS booth (#C5025) include: 

EnergyComplete® Sealant

Whether to satisfy homebuyer demand or to achieve code requirements, builders today are under increasing pressure to meet strict energy efficiency tolerances without sacrificing reputation. Owens Corning's EnergyComplete® Sealant combines building science intelligence and solutions to help builders achieve these objectives.

In a groundbreaking study, the Owens Corning Building Science team identified specific exterior joints where air is most likely to enter and escape from a home through vulnerable gaps, cracks and seams – accounting for up to 40 percent[1] of the energy used for heating and cooling. This insight inspired the design of the exclusive formula and equipment used in EnergyComplete® sealant.

The expanding foam penetrates deep into joints and openings to help prevent energy loss by air exchange. It also reduces the chance of mold growth by keeping airborne moisture from entering wall cavities and creates a first line of defense against insects and other pests.

The only air-sealing solution that creates a gasket to meet 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requirements, EnergyComplete®  sealant easily reaches the most vulnerable gaps/cracks that can't be accessed post drywall and also allows easy access to all top plates pre-drywall and even under the roof truss. The flexible sealant delivers a safe, high-performance solution that lasts for the life of a home.

Total Protection Roofing System™

The key to a high-performance roof is the system of roofing components built behind it. Since homeowners are more engaged in researching and specifying the products they will purchase, Owens Corning Roofing has given its complete roofing system an unmistakable identity. Debuting at IBS 2013, the Total Protection Roofing System™[3] is the collection of all essential Owens Corning™ Roofing components and layers that are designed to work together to maximize a roof's performance and durability.    

The system includes ventilation, hip and ridge shingles, underlayment, ice and water barriers and starter shingles. And, as part of a balanced air ventilation system, Owens Corning™ Roofing introduces the new VentSure® InFlow™ Vent, an excellent solution for soffit-less, exposed-rafter homes. The patent-pending design helps maximizes ventilation by providing intake air on the lower roof drawing airflow through the vents at the top of the roof to help reduce heat and moisture buildup in the attic that can lead to problems like ice damming and roof deterioration.

In addition to performance, new to the Total Protection Roofing System™ is the addition of new Artisan Colors to the ever-popular Oakridge® Shingle line. These Artisan Colors help give homeowners more aesthetic options with shades that blend artistry and craftsmanship. The Colors are specially designed for regional preference. 

Available in early February, the new Artisan Colors will help build a bridge from Owens Corning's traditional Oakridge® color offerings to its high-contrast TruDefinition® Duration® Shingle colors.

Code Compliant, Energy-Efficient Wall System

During IBS, Owens Corning is showcasing its ResidentialComplete Wall Systems. Recognizing the interdependence of each aspect of the building envelope, the systems offer a variety of exterior wall insulation solutions that provide energy-efficiency, help save an average of more than 25 percent on heating and cooling costs for the opaque wall surface modeled[2], and provide a complete air and water barrier, along with acoustical performance qualities for residential applications.

Owens Corning ResidentialComplete Wall Systems provide year-round comfort and energy-efficient savings that both builders and homeowners appreciate. The systems include a variety of Owens Corning insulation product solutions including FOAMULAR® Continuous Insulation Sheathing Extruded Polystyrene (XPS), EcoTouch® Insulation and JointSealR® Foam Joint Tape. In addition, ResidentialComplete™ Wall Systems are among the first in the industry to meet the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requirements. 

Other Show Highlights

Other highlights at IBS include an educational session by Owens Corning executives titled "Mythbusters – Exploring Misconceptions in Green Building," which covers five commonly discussed "myth-conceptions" in building science. Taking place Thursday at 2:30 p.m., the highly engaging presentation mixes building science with humor to explore the truth behind common questions facing the building industry.

To generate additional excitement in the booth, Owens Corning is inviting all IBS attendees to participate in the creation of a large-scale commemorative painting. Visitors to the Owens Corning booth will help paint a six-by-eight-foot mural of the iconic Pink Panther™ under the expert guidance of professional artist, Kelly Sullivan .

In addition, Owens Corning's building science experts are conducting in-booth demonstrations of the new WUFI Passive software. This powerful new software tool combines passive energy modeling with WUFI's hygrothermal modeling capabilities, enabling the proper design of buildings across varied climate zones. Booth visitors attending a WUFI session also have the opportunity to enter for a chance to win an iPad.

To view the complete selection of high-performance building solutions from Owens Corning, visit booth #C5025 during the 2013 International Builders' Show. For more information about Owens Corning's products and services, visit www.OwensCorning.com or call 1-800-Get-PINK®.

About Owens Corning

Owens Corning (NYSE: OC) is a leading global producer of residential and commercial building materials, glass-fiber reinforcements and engineered materials for composite systems. A Fortune® 500 company for 58 consecutive years, Owens Corning is committed to driving sustainability by delivering solutions, transforming markets and enhancing lives. Founded in 1938, Owens Corning is a market-leading innovator of glass-fiber technology with sales of $5.3 billion in 2011 and about 15,000 employees in 28 countries on five continents. Additional information is available at www.owenscorning.com.

[1] "Building Envelope Improvement: Air Sealing," U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

[2] Owens Corning calculated energy savings for a 2x4 wood stud cavity wall with R-13 and OSB sheathing compared to the same 2x4 wood stud cavity wall with R-13 and R-5 Foamular® foam sheathing located in each of the current energy code eight U.S. climate zones, based on ASHRAE Standard 90.2-2001, "Energy-Efficient Design of Low-Rise Residential Buildings," American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Atlanta, GA, 30329, Oct. 2012.

[3] Excludes non-Owens Corning™ Roofing products such as flashing, fasteners and wood decking.

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