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Corporate Governance

A company’s reputation is everything. Owens Corning has a reputation not only for quality products and services, but for conducting business ethically and in compliance with all laws and regulations. This is why our Corporate Governance and our Code of Business Conduct are so important.

All our employees are required to abide by our Code of Business Conduct to ensure that our business is conducted in a consistently legal and ethical manner. These standards form the foundation of a comprehensive process that includes compliance with all corporate policies and procedures and an abiding belief in the integrity of our employees.

Below, you will find links to documents that detail Owens Corning’s approach to Corporate Governance, the composition of its Board of Directors and its Committees, as well as other critical components of our corporate policies.

Owens Corning’s Code of Business Conduct and Corporate Governance policies are incorporated into the way we work every day – with customers, colleagues, suppliers and consumers.

Michael H. Thaman
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

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